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Withe () is a primitive operator which forms a hook. Called dyadically with function operands f and g, it uses g monadically to pre-processes the right argument before applying f to the given left argument and pre-processed right argument. Called monadically with operands f and g, it uses g monadically to pre-processes the argument before applying f to the argument and pre-processed argument.

In usage, X f⍩g Y is equivalent to X f g Y, and f⍩g Y is equivalent to Y f g Y. Thus, Withe can be defined as the dop {⍺←⍵ ⋄ ⍺ ⍺⍺ ⍵⍵ ⍵} and is equivalent to the derived function f∘g⍨⍨.

Withe first appeared in A Dictionary of APL,[1] but substituted by the 2-train in J after the proposal in Iverson and McDonnell's paper Phrasal Forms.[2] It is present in Kap as Compose () and in BQN as After ().[3]

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