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Pick () is a dyadic primitive function which performs deep indexing on a possibly nested array. Pick allows to extract a value through multiple layers of nesting in a single function application. Pick uses the Right Shoe glyph.


The left argument X must be a scalar or vector where each element of X specifies the multi-dimensional index at each layer of the right argument Y. The result of X⊃Y is the item of Y at the location specified by X.

      ⎕←G←2 3⍴('ABC' 1)('DEF' 2)('GHI' 3)('JKL' 4)('MNO' 5)('PQR' 6)
      (⊂2 1)⊃G
      ((2 1)1)⊃G
      ((2 1)1 2)⊃G

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