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Sort Up and Sort Down are monadic functions that order the major cells of an array in ascending or descending order. Traditionally these functions are performed using Grade in APL: for example the FinnAPL idiom library gives X[⍋X] and X[⍒X] to sort X ascending and descending, respectively. In several dialects or other array languages they are defined as primitives, but with widely varying glyphs: ∧∨ Extended Dyalog APL, Kap, and BQN, <> in dzaima/APL, and ≤≥ in Dyalog APL Vision, as well as ^ for ascending sort in K9 and Goal.

In Dyalog APL there are several recognized idioms for sorting: for ascending sorting, {⍵[⍋⍵]} and {⍵[⍋⍵;]} to sort rank 1 and 2 arrays specifically, and {(⊂⍋⍵)⌷⍵} to sort any rank (all idioms have the same performance; the rank-specific ones were defined first and are shorter). The same idioms are recognized for descending sorting, replacing with .

Sorting with Grade is easiest using the Select () or From function, which for example allows the ascending sort function on any rank to be written as the train ⍋⊇⊢ in dzaima/APL. Using Reverse Compose as implemented in Kap or Dyalog APL Vision, it can be written ⍋⍛⊇. In J, it's implemented as Sort By (/: for ascending) with Commute, /:~.

A dedicated sorting implementation can be substantially faster than grade and selection both because sorting is generally faster than grade (particularly for long vectors with small-width elements, where an index may take more storage space than an element) and because selection is cache-unfriendly. For small-range data, a moveless variant of counting sort is possible for sorting but not grading.[1] Flags for sorted data, which can be used to optimize various operations on the flagged array, can more easily be set with a dedicated sorting function.[2]



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