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This page describes the dyadic arithmetic function. For reciprocal of a single argument, see Reciprocal.

Divide (÷) is a dyadic scalar function which gives the arithmetic ratio of its arguments. Divide shares the glyph ÷ with the monadic arithmetic function Reciprocal, and its result is the left argument divided by the right argument.


      2 0 5÷4 0 2
0.5 1 2.5
      3j1 2.5 4j5÷2 1j1 .2
1.5J0.5 1.25J¯1.25 20J25
      ⎕DIV←1  ⍝ this sets division by 0 to always return 0
      2 0 5÷4 0 0
0.5 0 0


Division is anti-commutative: swapping the arguments yield the reciprocal of the result.

Reduction and scan

Reduction with Division gives the alternating product.

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