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I.P. Sharp Associates held a series of conferences in Toronto for APL programmers beginning in 1978. These user meetings were motivated in part by the lack of official 1977 and 1978 APL conferences, and the first was the only major APL conference held that year, while others were held in addition to APL conferences and possibly STSC conferences in the same year.[1] Proceedings were published by IPSA for all conferences, with the name "APL Users Meeting".

Year Dates Proceedings
1978 September 18–20 An APL Users Meeting conference proceedings
1980 October 6–8 1980 APL Users Meeting proceedings
1982 October 4–6 1982 APL Users Meeting Proceedings, vol. 1 and 2
1984 October 15–17 The Information Centre and Changing Technologies: 1984 APL Users Meeting


  • The Evolution of Commercial APL Time-Sharing Systems. I. P. Sharp.
  • A Data Communications System for the APL User (pdf). R. D. Moore.
  • The Commercializing of APL\360 and some Plans for its Future. E. B. Iverson.
  • The Automated Inventory System. J. J. Fuller.
  • Corporate Financial Planning - is EDP Ready? T. J. Sakach.
  • Calculus in APL. Why? J. W. England.
  • APL at Sun Life of Canada. S. Trask.
  • APL and the Wheel. N. C. Hershfield.
  • Administration Applications For APL. D. J. Thomson.
  • Drafting with Computer Aided Graphics. B. P. Atutis.
  • APL Graphics for Trend Analysis and Planning. V. Hill.
  • Graphics for the Non-technical User. R. Kemble.
  • An Interactive Hardcopy Graphics Package. A. Harrison.
  • Application of APL Modeling in a Petroleum Distribution Network. E. C. Payne.
  • Financial Modelling: Keys to Successful Implementation. G. J. Beagle.
  • Using APL to Help Make Decisions in a Hurry. S. Graham.
  • Technical and Financial Evaluation of Capital Projects - a Lender’s Perspective. R. A. Boulay.
  • Financial Planning in International Banking. W. L. Bettes.
  • Forecasting European Air Travel. B. P. Loughran.
  • Variations on the Projection Function and their Application to the Analysis of Variance. R. M. Heiberger.
  • APL Standards and Documentation Within an Evolutionary Environment. A. Harrison.
  • Programming Style in APL (web). K. E. Iverson.
  • The Use of APL in Teaching Computer Science. L. Snyder.
  • The Architectural Elegance of Crystals Made Clear By APL. D. B. McIntyre.
  • Time-Sharing Information Management Service. R. D. Wilson.
  • Migration to an In-House System. M. Elliott.
  • SHARP APL as a Distributed Program Product. R. H. Lathwell.
  • Cash Flow Planning System for an Integrated Oil Company in a Developing Country. K. M. Wiig.
  • Experience with Direct Definition One-liners in Writing APL Applications. D. B. McIntyre.
  • Generalized Single Plant Freight Cost Model. L. Lapide.
  • APL Programming in a Dynamic Planning Environment. G. Koutsouros.
  • Application of Polynomial Distributed Lag to “Social and Personal Costs of Unemployment”. N. C. MacLeod.


  • The APL User Community - Its Roots. Garth H. Foster.
  • The Integration of APL into the Larger World of Data Processing. Eric B. Iverson.
  • APL Technology: Language Architecture, System Concepts, and Application Methodology. Adin D. Falkoff.
  • Cost Management in a Growing APL Department. Barry M. Linton.
  • Managing APL Resources at Upjohn. Richard J. Busman.
  • The Growth and Future of APL at Fireman's Fund. Eugene R. Mannacio.
  • Monitoring the Listed Stock Option. Howard M. McLean.
  • A Financial Model for Acquisition Analysis. Don N. Hughes.
  • An APL Model as an Aid to Systems Analysis. Stuart Fraser.
  • The Efficient Use of APL in an EDP Environment: A Real Time Financial Inventory Control System. Adrian A. J. Browne and Sandra L. Browne.
  • FINAPL - The Development of a Financial Dialect of APL. Geoff Kemmish.
  • The Application of APL to Air Traffic Forecasting. Josef T. Sachs.
  • APL - The Scheduler's Tool. Daneda K. Cullen.
  • Using the CAB Airline Data Base in Security Analysis. Edmund S. Greenslet.
  • Use of Teles for Financial Planning and Reporting. Roger W. Shaw.
  • International Networks Enhance Spares Support Logistics. Wayne Porter Keyes.
  • Use of Communicating Word Processors in Networks. Marvin W. Gaines, Jr..
  • Private Networking in a Multinational. Irene P. Harford.
  • An Interactive Aid to Planning in the Food Industry. Ted W. Burnside.
  • New Dimensions in Economic Forecasting. James Lymburner.
  • A Comprehensive System for Planning Economics. Gregory T. George.
  • Scheduling Production with the Dynamic Lot Size Package: Approach and Method. Andreas Buch.
  • A Personnel Records and Information System. Chris Baron.
  • APL and Record Keeping for Defined Benefit Plans. Benson H. Kreutziger.
  • CAR: The Marriage of Micrographics and Magnetics. Bob Campbell.
  • SHARP APL Syracuse. Dana E. Cartwright and Phyllis A. Kent.
  • The APL Time-Sharing Development in Mexico. Daniel G. Olivares.
  • What is Sybron and Does it Really Need In-House APL? Lynne C. Shaw.
  • Dome SHARP APL - Planning and Achieving Growth. Ernst Goetze.
  • The Mythical Man Month Revisited: Building a Decision Support System in APL. Peter G. W. Keen and Thomas J. Gambino.
  • Development of a Data Based Management Information System for Planning and Control. Eric S. Hogg.
  • Linking Planning Systems to Real Life Operations. Peter H. S. Redwood.
  • Decision Support Systems: the Power and Problems of APL. Maurice Elliott.
  • Private Data Bases in the Financial Sector. Carlos P. Naudon.
  • Corporate Decision-Making & Data Base Applications. Eike W. Kaiser.
  • Legi-Slate Bill and Vote Tracking Service. Curtiss C. Grove.
  • Pilot Rates of Pay - A Data Base Application. Jill Kastris.
  • A Derivative Algorithm for APL. D. M. DeTurck and D. L. Orth.
  • Optimization of APL Code. Roy A. Sykes, Jr..
  • Making APL Programmers More Productive. Robert C. Metzger.
  • Programmer Productivity Gains Through Emphasis of Fundamentals. Jon McGrew.
  • An Information System for Fleet Management. George A. Clark.
  • Using APL for the Quebec 1980 Referendum. Arthur T. Shapiro.
  • An APL Prototype of a Management and Control System for a Semiconductor Fabrication Facility. Hassan Gomma and Douglas Scott.
  • The European Refiners' Margin. J. A. Nasmyth.
  • COALMOD: A Financial Analysis and Policy Simulation Model for Coal Mining Developments. Frank C. Basham and Philippe Monier.
  • Some Recent Developments in Energy Demand Modelling. G. C. Watkins.
  • An APL Corporate Model for an Electric Utility Corporation. Charles O. Manahan.
  • APL in a Liberal Arts College. Donald B. McIntyre. (reprint of this and the next three papers)
  • Teaching APL in an Academic Environment. Gillian Wade.
  • APL in the Classroom. E. M. Edwards.
  • The Inductive Method of Introducing APL (web). Kenneth E. Iverson.
  • Data Manipulation with MAGIC. David A. Keith.
  • An Introduction to SUPERPLOT. Brian W. Oliver.
  • Operators and Enclosed Arrays (web). Robert Bernecky and Kenneth E. Iverson.
  • Corporate Communications Using the SHARP APL Mailbox. Leslie H. Goldsmith.
  • Commercial Applications for Event Handling. Eugene E. McDonnell.
  • Production Simulations in APL. Charles L. Miller and Andrew North.
  • Preparing to Forecast. Dinos Appla.
  • SHARP APL Multiprocessing and Shared Variables. Richard H. Lathwell.
  • MABRA: A Package for Record Handling Systems. Hugh Hyndman.
  • How the Package Data-Type has Affected Programming. Paul Berry.


  • The Current and Future Markets for APL. Ray Jordan.
  • Valuation Concepts in APL. Randy Kaye.
  • APL in Risk Analysis. Ray Lemberg.
  • Adapting a Financial Planning System. Robert A. Besse.
  • ABS—A Budget System. Maurice Elliott.
  • Top Down Budgeting: A Fair-Share Approach. Vincent J. Palese Jr.
  • The Design and Implementation of an Integrated Computer System in a Veterinary College. A. H. Meek and B. W. Stahlbaum.
  • Actuaries, Models and APL. Gary C. Mooney.
  • Management Accounting in International Banking. G. B. Steinitz.
  • Current Developments in SHARP APL. Eric Iverson.
  • The PROMIS Mine Planning and Control System. Walter John Corrie.
  • Interactive Decision Making: Creating Decision Trees with APL. E. A. Boyd.
  • APL as a Functional Programming Language (web). Eugene McDonnell.
  • A Modelling Tool for Evaluating Proposed Oil and Gas Exploration Expenditures. Terry B. Peterson.
  • Country Risk Analysis: A Quantitative Approach to the Bank of British Columbia. Christopher Dobrzanski.
  • Comprehensive Corporate Budgeting—Planning, Tracking and Commitment Control with APL. Alan C. Ford.
  • A Case Study: APL as the 40% Solution. Michael J. Waller.
  • APL as a Tool in Chemical Production. Henning Lervad Andersen.
  • Let the Numbers Do the Talking—with MAGIC. David Keith.
  • Support Systems for Asset-Liability Management. David W. Crouse.
  • A Personal History of APL (web). Michael Montalbano.
  • Network Management Tools (web). Roger Moore.
  • A Toolkit for Time Series Operations. Richard A. Boulay.
  • Monitoring of International Exposures. Mark Fuller.
  • Developing APL Systems at The Urbaine Life Re. Michal L. Bauer.
  • Government Budgeting: A Flexible Solution to a Large Problem. David Ford.
  • Current SIGAPL Activities. Ray P. Polivka.
  • Moore Corporation’s Financial Consolidation System. Thomas P. Courtney and Paul Maclauchlan.
  • Tracking and Measuring the Forecast. Michael J. Tenalio.
  • Petroleum Reservoir Simulation in APL. Rodman Jenkins.
  • EXCEED—Executive Management Decision Support System. Hiroshi Isobe and Kotaro Yamashita.
  • APL Beyond the Actuarial Department. Tim P. Fitzpatrick.
  • Running a Money Market System on SHARP APL. Graham Parker.
  • APL as a Tool for Financial Applications. Denis Lefebvre.
  • Using Defined Operators. Jon McGrew.
  • Financial Consolidations with Timesharing. K. K. Brunsman and Ed E. Irsch.
  • Using the Box and Jenkins Method for the Analysis of European Air Traffic. Alain Wilemme.
  • Managing APL Projects. Roy A. Sykes Jr.
  • Monitoring the U.S. Economy Using Citibank Data Bases. Jonathan Sheer.
  • APL. Donald McIntyre.
  • APL Support of Economic Research: Costs and Benefits. Albert E. DePrince Jr.
  • A Rationalization of the Syntax and Semantics of APL Expressions. James L. Ryan.
  • Standards Update—Will it Ever Mean Anything? Garth H. Foster.
  • The GO: A Comprehensive, Integrated Financial Reporting System in APL. Lawrence Peckham and Donald Soule.
  • Uses of International Environmental Data. Peter G. Mikelson.
  • Designing User-friendly APL Systems. Lib Gibson.
  • Designing Maintainable APL Systems. Robert Metzger.
  • Designing Efficient APL Systems. Joshua S. Levine.


  • Introducing a Global Information Centre. Lib Gibson.
  • Implementing a Global Information Centre. Eric B. Iverson.
  • Evaluating and Implementing User Productivity Tools. Robert Metzger.
  • Managing the Information Revolution. David Keith, James L. Schmit, Keith W. Iverson, Gösta Olvai and Eric B. Herr.
  • Managing and Implementing International Systems: The Human Factor. W. Lee Bettes, Sheila E. Goldman, and Paul M. Blake.
  • Some Management Tools for the Information Centre. William Apsit.
  • LOGOS: An APL Programming Environment. David B. Allen, Mark R. Dempsey, Leslie H. Goldsmith, and Kevin L. Harrell.
  • The SHARP APL Environment. Richard Lathwell.
  • Exploiting Networks. Joey Tuttle.


  1. Foster, Garth. "The APL user community - its roots" at IPSA '80.

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