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Colloque APL was a conference held in Paris on September 9th and 10th, 1971: the first to be held outside the USA. Sponsored by the IRIA research institute and organized by Phil Abrams, Yves Raynaud, and Louis Robichaud, the conference drew over 200 attendees and included 26 papers. While Colloque APL was not part of the yearly sequence of APL conferences as it was held the same year as APL71, it was a precursor to later European APL conferences such as APL75 and APL80.


  • Algebra as a Language. K. E. Iverson (later publication)
  • APL and statistics... Programs or Insight? K. W. Smillie.
  • APL, Flow Graphs, and Finite Elements. G. Dhatt and L. P. A. Robichaud.
  • Un Langage de Manipulation Formelle. G. Martin.
  • Une Application du Langage APL au Probleme de Demonstration de Theoremes par Ordinateur. W. S. Hatcher and P. E. R. Ethier.
  • Experiences and Observations with a Self-Teaching Course in APL. R. P. Polivka and G. P. Schrieber.
  • Graphics by APL. B. Rosenkrands.
  • Utilisation d'APL dans le Cadre du Projet des Status de Quebec. P. H. Fortin, P. Laverdiere, L. P. A. Robichaud, and D. Samson.
  • A.M.I.: Analyse Multidimensionnelle Interactive d'un Ensemble de Donnees. G. Lacourly and L. Lebart.
  • Application du Langage APL a un Probleme de Recherche Operationnelle. J. C. Herz and C. H. Nguyen.
  • A Formal Approach to APL Semantics. P. S. Abrams.
  • A Formal Description of APL. R. H. Lathwell.
  • Syntaxe et Semantique du Langage APL. B. Robinet.
  • Experience d'Enseignement avec APL. B. Groc.
  • Algebraic Description of Electrical Networks. P. Penfield, Jr..
  • Applications d'APL a l'Universite de Toulouse. R. Beaufils, J. C. Cazoux, and M. Laborie.
  • APL 360 au Centre d'etudes et Recherches d'IBM France a La Gaude. Y. Le Borgne.
  • APL and Insight. G. Bartoli, P. C. Berry, C. Dell'Aquila, and V. Spadavecchia.
  • The Use of APL in Engineering Education. G. de Valn Davis and W. N. Holmes.
  • Design of the APL Plus File Subsystem. L. M. Breed.
  • Realisations d'APL a l'Universite de Toulouse. P. Maurice, Y. Raynaud, and G. Simian.
  • Un Compilateur Incrementiel d'APL. B. Arlettaz, J. C. Girard, and B. Robinet.
  • An APL Batch Processor. H. Van Hedel.
  • A Survey of Experimental APL File and I/O Systems in IBM. A. D. Falkoff.
  • Implementation of a High-Level Language Machine. A. Hassitt, J. W. Lageschulte, and L. E. Lyon.
  • Projet d'une Machine APL. G. Batarelle, M. Delbreil, and P. Kalfon.


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