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The APL-Cation project is an open source library of tools (called members) for developing full-scale applications in Dyalog APL, licensed under the very permissive MIT License. Some members are cross-platform.


Name Windows Linux macOS Description
CompareSimple Yes Compare fns, operators, scripts, scripted namespaces and files
Compare Yes Adds powerful tools like "Merge" to CompareSimple
CodeBrowser Yes Mostly Mostly Creates a single stand-alone HTML page from APL code. Ideal for code reviewing.
Fire Yes No No Search and Replace tool for workspaces
Launchy Yes n/a n/a Launch an instance of Dyalog APL/W
LogDog Yes Watch a (constantly changing) log file
Laguntza Yes CHM-like functionality implemented in Dyalog
Markdown2HTML Yes Yes Yes Convert markdown file(s) into HTML file(s)
Meddy Yes Markdown editor that uses MarkAPL as converter
No means that the application could run under that OS but has not been extended to do so yet.
n/a means that there is no point to make that application available under the OS, usually for technical reasons.
means that there are no plans to make the application available on that platform.
Mostly means that most of the functionality is available on all supported platforms, but the -gui flag which shows a native GUI under Windows is ignored under Linux and macOS.

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