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GNU APL community

While some GNU documents refer to it this way, I don't think the "GNU APL community" can really be considered an entity deserving its own page and a spot in the APL development template. There is a website and a reasonable active mailing list, but the only thing you can actually say about the community is "they use GNU APL, I guess". I'm fairly skeptical about the idea that organisations that develop APL should have articles in general: sure, Dyalog Ltd., IPSA, and STSC have done a lot of things including hold conferences, but there's nothing to say about a company like Data General, and Sudley Place is literally just Bob Smith. I'm restoring the redirect from GNU APL community to GNU APL for now, and I recommend trimming the list of developers in the APL development template to Dyalog Ltd., APLNow, IBM, IPSA, STSC, and CDC. We could instead set up a page that lists large companies with their own APL implementation, which links to the company on Wikipedia and the APL implementation here. --Marshall (talk) 11:45, 27 April 2020 (UTC)