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Considering case studies from

We advise that interested parties should contact the original authors to determine whether the systems described are still in use before adding these references to the main page.

References can often be found from APL conference pages e.g. (AP91) →

  • Manufacturing resource planning by Bristol-Myers [1].
  • Socio-economical models at the Academy of Sciences in Moskow [2].
  • Checkout of the space shuttle at NASA (CA91).
  • Prototyping at Dept of Defence (who eventually requires ADA code); for example algorithms for missile detection and for SDI's Boost Surveillance & Tracking System (AP93).
  • CAM (Computer Aided Manufacture) of various products for example golf clubs at Boston university (AP91).
  • Statistical analysis by everyone who uses Statgraphics, one of the best statistical packages. [3]
  • Expert-systems, genetic algorithms and neural networks at IBM softechlab in Madrid (AL91).
  • Computation of recipes (Kit-a-Kat), product planning and many other things at Rowntree [4].
  • Actuarial computations all over in Holland, but particularly at Leuven actuaries.
  • Design and production of audio equipment at Bang & Olufsen.
  • Expert systems for chemical analysis by Institut Quimic de Sarria Barcelona (AP89).
  • Animation of "the Bit" in the movie Tron (CA91).
  • Ray-tracing in CAT scans at the German Center of Cancer Research (AP89).
  • Computation of daily produce of beer at Heineken.
  • Research and development in biotechnology at Novo Nordisk Denmark (AP89).
  • Modern compositions programming Midi ports by Stanley Jordan (AP89, AP91).
  • Operation Desert Storm; the whole logistics of supplying 2.5M ton military equipment, 5.7M ton fuel, 0.75M ton food, clothing tents and 485000 persons was planned, simulated and orchestrated by APL, calling Cobol & Fortran subroutines (IE91).