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kOS ("chaos") or k/os is a light-weight operating system consisting of a kernel written in C and front end written in K.[1] It targets desktop computers, the cloud, tablets, and phones, e.g. as a replacement for WebKit and Android for the purpose of running K applications without the overhead of traditional operating systems.[2] While under development by Arthur Whitney since 2012, the project is, as of 2021, on hiatus with the expectation that development will continue in the future.[3]

Components of kOS are:

  • k: the scripting language
  • z: the graphics system (replacing X and Cocoa) "does 100 frames per second(1000 by 2000) with a slow cpu."[4]
  • kfs: the file system
  • kws: the windowing system
  • ktext: a basic text editor?
  • kterm: the terminal


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