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This page is open for declarations of ability to provide APL consultancy, availability for hire, and job openings.

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Available: APL programmer with extensive experience (added: 2021-03-04)

I have been interested in APL for 42 years, and have been a programmer for 35 years, using NARS2000 APL for the last decade and half or so.

I'm in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, and I'm not really able to travel. Since our department imploded, I haven't been able to find a job in my field because the languages I know, no one hires for, and the ones they are looking for, I don't have job experience in. No one wants to take me on as entry level, because I have too much experience, so I have been working as a math tutor since the summer of '19. I do, however, know APL. For example, I solved 121 of the project Euler problems using it.

Contact me on LinkedIn if you have an opening for me.

Available: workshops in APL (added: 2021-04-03)

Rodrigo organises and promotes academic workshops on subjects related to mathematics and programming. Some of those workshops are a great way of introducing people to APL. Feel free to take a look at some past workshops Rodrigo has led if you need inspiration or contact him if you would like Rodrigo to organise one of these workshops for you/a group you represent.

Needed: APL Developer (added: 2021-06-07)


This is Vinny Sanchez from Genzeon Corporation.

We are looking to fill a APL developer with one of our Direct clients. If you are interested, please share your updated resume ASAP.

Job Title: APL developer Location: Remote/ Occasional travel to Philadelphia, PA for meetings Duration: 12–24 Months contract

Job Description: Searching for an APL developer, mostly maintenance/support but some new coding for enhancements, etc..

The client runs an older COLI/BOLI system (SOLAR) that still pays out on policies bought during the 80’s and 90’s. COLI/BOLI is corporate/bank owned life insurance. Companies/banks/etc bought life insurance policies on their employees and customers as long-term investments. They don’t sell them anymore, but they must pay out on them until they all expire. The solar system manages all those policies and was written in APL. It scrapes the social security database every night to see if any policy holder names died the day before and then processes the policy payout.


Vinny Sanchez | Sr Technical Recruiter Direct: 484-713-8976 Email:

Needed: Video editing volunteer (added: 2021-07-05)

BAA needs help editing the recordings of their webinars so they may be published on YouTube. If you have even basic video editing skills and are interested in watching these recordings anyway, then this may well be a good task for you. Note that this is an unpaid volunteer job.


Needed: Senior Software Engineer (added: 2022-05-20)

InvestCloud is looking for an APL-experienced Senior Software Engineer with additional skills in MSSQL/Oracle, Java, AIX, & Linux or Shell scripting. Leadership position.

The Job Posting can be found here.

Needed: Data Team APL Developer (added: 2022-07-26)

BIG is a fast-growing Inventory Analysis and Merchandising Consulting firm specializing in the retail jewelry industry. We have a web-based, subscription-based suite of products that provide insight into merchandising decisions for retail jewelers and manufacturers. We also aggregate retail jewelry data which we sell to manufacturers and other companies providing services to the jewelry industry.

We are looking to fill an immediate need for a developer in the Data Team. This team processes incoming data from dozens of different kinds of services in dozens of formats and configurations. The team also creates customizations for each customer and user of the data. Additionally, the team creates export data for a variety of customers. We have a fast-paced, Agile environment using the latest technology, methodologies, and tools.

This is a full-time, remote position. Applicants should be based in USA.

Excellent English language skills required.

Please send resume with list of references to

Job responsibilities would include:

  • Importing and converting incoming data
    • We integrate with dozens of different systems. Each comes in with different files and formats and content.
    • Create processes for importing this data for upload into the master database
    • Use existing processes as templates for new integrations of the same type
    • Work closely with the integration team to adjust requirements for needed data
    • Troubleshoot errors or misconfigurations in the data
  • Customizing data for customers
    • Work with the business teams understand and design customizations of customer data
    • Code the changes to existing processes
  • Troubleshooting – research and fix errors in the data or processing of the data

Tech Skills - Required:

  • Experience in APL, J, or similar array-oriented languages
  • Basic experience with SQL and relational databases
  • Experience in the conversion and manipulation of data in various file formats, such as CSV, Excel, JSON, XML, etc.
  • Superior analytical skills
  • Ability to effectively work remotely
  • Ability to switch from task to task as needed
  • Ability to work with large files

Tech Skills - Nice to Have:

Experience in:

  • Dyalog APL and/or IBM APL2
  • Agile methodologies
  • Jira
  • Source control, GIT, SourceTree, VS Code
  • Web-enabled technologies and tools
  • .Net, ASP.Net, Javascript
  • Cloud Computing / Cloud Services Experience
  • Object-oriented programming
  • API Integration

Please direct resumes and inquiries to

Needed: Translate Economic System to APL (added: 2022-09-08)

I'm working on a system of incentives that makes it only profitable for companies to do good, and a set of tools that allow communities to define for themselves what counts as good. If this seems interesting, there's more context here.

I've built a toy version of the system in a tool called Coda. Coda has a nice interface and a minimalist formula language, however, it's not amenable to mathematical proof.

I believe that re-implementing the process found there into APL would be illuminating from a research perspective.

I'd like to hire a skilled APLer who can write idiomatic APL. I'm very interested in the deep mathematical insights that converting to APL might yield.

I recognize that this is likely to be a very challenging task. It will require reverse engineering a system you've never seen before, and considering the high level game theory of the system.

Here's what the system looks like to be reverse engineered:

And there's a second bit that I'd also like to capture.

If you'd like to find a time to connect, here's a booking link for 15 minutes.

Needed: APL programmers in various locations (updated: 2024-01-15)

SimCorp needs several positions filled in various locations — search current positions here:

Title Location(s) Deadline
Senior Software Engineer for Transactions Product Area Warsaw, PL 2024-03-01 08:00
Software Engineer for Innovations Bad Homburg, DE; Copenhagen, DK
Software Engineer for Collateral PA Warsaw, PL 2024-03-01 08:00
Senior Software Engineer (C#/ APL) - Portfolio Analysis Warsaw, PL 2024-01-31 08:00
Senior/Lead Software Engineer for Innovations area Bad Homburg, DE; Copenhagen, DK
Sofia as a Service Junior Software Engineer Trieste, IT
Functional Programming Software Engineer for OTC Core Product Area Copenhagen, DK; Warsaw, PL

Available: APL developer with over 30 years of experience (added: 2024-02-08)

Seeking full-time, part-time, or consulting opportunity. Experience on all major APL platforms including APL2, Dyalog APL, APL2000, A+, and more including KDB+/q development. I also have experience with JSON-based web services, SOAP, and SQL. Have additionally developed in most other major programming languages including C++, Python, Java, Go and more. Please reach out to Erik Friis at or call/text 201-962-6884.