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APL2 (from IBM) is a dialect that can be obtained today. Same question for APL2000 which I understand is commercially available. One way to include them on this page would be - add a table containing these two below the first table. Is cost a factor on inclusion in this page? I can't think of any other APLs that are available, either at commercial prices or free. (I understand APLX is free and works, but I think there are various reasons not to recommend it for new users.) Overall I think APL2 and APL2000 should be in some list of viable alternatives in order to follow APL Wiki principles of being "APL-neutral". In summary - Do APL2 and APL2000 belong in a list on this page? If not on this page, then in which list? --RLevine (talk) 04:51, 26 November 2020 (UTC)