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With the prevalence of Unicode, many systems render APL legibly out-of-the-box. This article lists some fonts that are especially well-suited for rendering APL characters.

Description Sample
APL2 Unicode IBM Straight from IBM typewriter terminals with oblique letters.
APL2 Unicode.png
APL2741 Hand digitised from an IBM 2741 typeball APL2741.png
APL333 GitHub Proportionally spaced version of APL385 Unicode
APL385 Unicode Dyalog A fun, whimsical look, inspired by Comic Sans Serif.
APL385 Unicode.png
APL386 Unicode GitHub APL385 Unicode with less issues and more accented characters.
APL386 Unicode.png
APLX Upright Dyalog A monospaced grotesque font, reminiscent of Akzidenz-Grotesk.
APLX Upright.png
Courier APL2 Unicode IBM The classic Courier typewriter font, extended with APL symbols.
Courier APL2 Unicode.png
DejaVu Sans Mono GitHub Wide range of characters with original look and feel of Vera.
DejaVu Sans Mono.png
DejaVu Sans Mono Bront GitHub DejaVu Sans Mono tweaked to be better geared for programming.
DejaVu Sans Mono.png
DejaVu Sans Mono Nerd AUR DejaVu Sans Mono patched with a high number of extra glyphs.
DejaVu Sans Mono.png
Iosevka Envy Code R GitHub A slender monospace sans-serif and slab-serif typeface inspired by Pragmata Pro, M+ and PF DIN Mono.
Iosevka Envy Code R.png
Iosevka Pragmata Pro GitHub
Iosevka Pragmata Pro.png
Iosevka Source Code Pro GitHub
Iosevka Source Code Pro.png
PragmataPro (commercial) A condensed font optimized for coding, math and engineering.
SAX2 GitHub Curly font with italic letters, based on Sharp APL for Unix.
SImPL Vector Courier-based, but thicker.
Stix Two Math GitHub Proportional font, broadly compatible with Times New Roman.
Stix Two Math.png

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