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20 May 2024

3 March 2024

14 February 2024

  • curprev 09:4809:48, 14 February 2024Adám Brudzewsky talk contribs 2,356 bytes +2,356 Created page with "{| class=vertical-navbox style="float:right; font-size:500%; margin:0 1ex;" |<code><nowiki>⍝</nowiki></code> |} APL allows a '''comment''' at the end of a line, separating (optional) code on the left from comments on the right using the lamp glyph <syntaxhighlight lang=apl inline>⍝</syntaxhighlight>, thus forming a line comment: <syntaxhighlight lang=apl> 2+3 ⍝ An example of addition 5 </syntaxh..."